I am Dianne Reyno, a young architect and a food lover who loves to travel and drive anywhere. Getting lost is a fave pastime and eating food I don’t recognize is always a pleasure. I dream of becoming a Professor in UST Architecture someday, but for now, I’m happy to be an employee and a food junkie.

My fascination with good food started young. This is due to my parents who know how to cook good food and who is not afraid to experiment. Moreover, I’m fortunate to be in a family who loves to travel. The sights, the food and the experience we have, I treasure more than anything else.

Honestly, I don’t see myself as a writer but an artist. Ever since a child, I’ve been fascinated with the fine arts and so I directed my life in the art-sy path, thus, taking up Architecture. I also love taking pictures of landscapes and food.

The story of this blog started sometime last year (2009). I posted an entire album in facebook filled with food pictures my Sister and I took from our travels. That’s when a good friend suggested I start a food blog where I can share all my food experiences. So here it is.

Adventures of a Gastrognome

Noun; A person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment especially good food and drink

The word gnome from the New Latin gnomus is said to have originated from the Greek word gnosis which means “knowledge”. Gnome is also known as an “earth-dweller”.

            I’m not an expert on food. My opinions are through experiences. In an odd way, I consider myself a gnome, an earth-dweller devoted to learning the art of food and the enjoyment it gives.
I see food as one of man's greatest treasures. Right now, we live to eat fastfood. It’s like burger, fries and fried chicken are the new outer space invaders. Worldwide fastfood chain domination! Ugh.

As time goes on, I've realized that the good restaurants are most often than not, hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city.

So here’s a blog, looking for good finds and good food in the metro. My food adventures. Adventures of a gastro-gnome.:)