November 13, 2014

21 Restaurant in Bacolod

The best batchoy I've ever had!

             Last October, I was in Bacolod with my high school friends for the Masskara Festival. But instead of getting more excited with the festival, I am more excited with the food. Before I researched for food finds in Bacolod, I only know of inasal and piaya but after asking out and reading online materials, my food list came to 2 pages of my little notebook: Calea’s cakes, Pendy’s half moon and napoleones, Aida’s Manokan, Hyksos Pala-Pala, Virgie’s Pasalubong, Café Bob’s gelato and grilled ensaymada, El Ideal’s Guapple Pie (Silay) and 21 Restaurant’s Batchoy to name a few.

            Since the Masskara Parade is in Lacson Street, we decided to go for the restaurant along the street, so 21 Restaurant it is.

            From the outside, 21 Restaurant looks like a fine dining restaurant. So for budget travelers, this may look like a no-no already. But upon checking the menu, everything looks great and is within range.

            It was raining outside while we were looking at the menu so 21’s Original Batchoy seems a great idea for the weather even though it is in the “merienda” part. After that, it took us a long time to choose because everything looks good (we were glancing at other people’s tables). Anyway, we settled for these:

Toasted Ravioli. Chef’s own fusion of American, Italian, Asian influence sprinkled with parmesan and parsley served with cheese sauce. The toasted ravioli may look plain but the taste is incredibly new because of the mixed flavors. I’ll definitely order this again next time.

21’s Original Batchoy. A native noodle soup garnished with strips of pork and beef, crushed pork cracklings, spring onions, fried garlic, liver and bone marrow.
The best batchoy I’ve ever had—it’s even better than Ted’s La Paz Batchoy! The soup is really tasty, almost like Bulalo but with a prominent taste of “chicharon” or pork cracklings. With 21’s Batchoy, the soup is more than enough but the many toppings makes for a great meal. Just thinking about it makes me hungrrryy!

Chicken Pork Adobo Flakes with plain rice. Pulled and deep fried chicken pork adobo on a bed of rice. I didn’t particularly like this dish because the pork is a bit elastic, like the squid flakes you can buy in the grocery stores. It would have been better if it was crispy.

Squid with Lemon Grass. Skewered barbecued squid stuffed with lemon grass. The squid is cooked ala inasal style--but with the fresh hint of lemon grass.  

Kare-Kare. Ox tail braised in peanut butter sauce and assorted native vegetables served with shrimp paste. I’m very picky with Kare-Kare because for me, my Mama’s Kare-Kare is the best but 21’s is also good (but still not as good as my Mama’s). It has been soooo long since I’ve found a Kare-Kare that I like. The texture of the sauce is smooth and thick and is packed with the taste of peanuts. The vegetables are put on the side to keep it fresh.

Overall, my 21 Restaurant experience is really good. I’m definitely coming back there for the Batchoy and the Toasted Ravioli.

After our satisfying brunch, we decided to go to Café Bob’s to hang out and wait for the rain to stop. You can read it here.

21 Restaurant
21st Lacson Street
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Tel: +63.34.4334096
Operating Hours

Mon – Sun: 11am to 11pm

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