October 31, 2014

Calea Pastries and Coffee

Sugar rush in Bacolod’s Premier Pastry Shop

            Aside from trying Bacolod’s famous chicken inasal, the one thing you shouldn’t miss is Calea Pastries and Coffee.

            If you’ve ever been to Bacolod, you’ll know that Calea is synomymous with Cakes. Also, Calea have so many cake flavors than all your fingers combined. So for the picky eater, they’ll surely find their type of cake here. Their store also has a very chic design which makes you just want to chill after a long hot day.

            Carrot Cake.

The carrot cake is a bit dry and also a bit sweet for my taste but the cream cheese frosting’s texture is nice.

International Chocolate Cake.
I’m a bit choosy with chocolate cakes but I like this one. The moist cake and the somewhat gooey frosting make for a great combination.

            White Chocolate Cheesecake.
I’m very picky with my cheesecakes and I usually prefer the New York style (dense and creamy) but Calea’s is a winner. It’s light and creamy at the same time and the sweetness is just about right. I don't know why they still add strawberry jam because for me, this cheesecake is better without it.

It’s not the best cheesecake I’ve had but it’s definitely one of the best in the Philippines.

Furthermore, a slice of cake in Calea costs less than a P100! Pretty amazing, right?
So if you’re going to Bacolod, don’t miss out on the delish cakes Calea has to offer.

Calea Pastries and Coffee
Lourdes-C Building Lacson Street
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Monday-Thursday: 8am to 10pm

Friday-Sunday: 9am to 11pm

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