July 22, 2011

Contest Alert

Win Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates!

            As promised, I’m giving away 3 sets of assorted Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates as a thanksgiving treat for passing the recent Architecture Licensure Exam.:)

            Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates is made from Davao’s cacao and is known as the only bean to bar chocolate from the Philippines.

70% Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Pili & Pinipig are some of their common flavor but they also have odd flavors like Barako, Labuyo, Ginger, Calamansi and Green Mango & Salt. The latter 4 might be odd but wait ‘til you taste them! It’s like a bizarre couple getting married and having a blissful fairy tale ending.

How to win.

            Easy. Just like my experience with Theo & Philo Chocolates, share with me a food experience of yours with which you had a weird-yet-extraordinary-moment. All you have to do is fill this up:

The weirdest but surprisingly appetizing food I’ve eaten is          (food)           at          (place/restaurant)         ?

            3 winners will be given 3 assorted pieces. Flavors to choose from are 70% Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Barako, Labuyo, Calamansi and Green Mango & Salt.:)


1. Share any blog post from Adventures of a Gastrognome and post the link on your facebook page. Make sure your wall post’s privacy setting is for Everyone.

You can check the Restaurant list here.

2. In the comment form of this post, paste the link of your Facebook URL. Include your name and your answer on the question, “The weirdest but surprisingly delish food I’ve eaten is    (name of the food)     at    (name of place / restaurant)   ?”


"The weirdest but most delish food I’ve eaten is tamilok or woodworm  from Kinabuch Restobar in Palawan. It’s slimy and sandy but it has a rich flavor just like oyster!:)" -Yay Reyno

3. There will be 3 lucky winners. 2 winners will be drawn out from Random.Org and the last one will be my favorite entry.

4. Contest runs from today until July 30, 2011 at 6 pm. Winners will be emailed privately.

I’m looking forward to reading your experiences!

Good luck!:)


  1. The weirdest but surprisingly delish food I’ve eaten is Champorado ic cream at Sebastian's Ice Cream.

    FB link: http://www.facebook.com/vintagekawaii.onlineshop/posts/185603088169252

    camille quiambao

  2. “The weirdest but surprisingly delish food I’ve eaten is adobong dagang bukid at province at bulacan it was a fun its like chicken.

    merry jane ocol

  3. The weirdest but surprisingly delish food i've eaten so far is balot ageing 20 at saan saan location. :)) hahaha sounds so funny but yeah, i usually eat penoy but it was my first time to eat 20 aged balot when i get preggy with my son.all i know is 18 but then there's 20 pa pala. in fairness masarap.. :)


    Gessa C.

  4. The weirdest but surprisingly delish food i've eaten so far is paig na tinapay freshly baked at French Baker!


    Maria Sandra

  5. The weirdest but surprisingly delish food i've eaten so far is bbq na palaka at my tito's place! :)


    Nina Djell Condino

  6. the weirdest but surprisingly delish food ive eaten so far is langgam na prito at Bicol province..


    Kenneth Paquibot

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