July 5, 2011

The adventure, continues..

            After a 2-month hiatus, I’m finally back. The Board Exam is finally over—and hurraaaay! I passed! I am officially an Architect!:)

            And now, the food adventure continues.

            This post is just a preview of all the restaurants I’ve been meaning to post for the last 3 months:

Noriter in Taft.

Noriter is one of my favorite hangout places when I was reviewing. It has a very stimulating ambiance especially to people who work in the arts industry. The distinctive doodles spoke of a special sense of inner youth.

            For the food, Noriter serves generously. I’ve tried 2 of their sandwiches and their signature Honey Bread, and the sandwich apiece ended up as both my afternoon snack and dinner. For the drinks, they have quite a variety. They have coffee, tea, fruit juices, milkshakes and more.

            Lastly, the thing I love the most in Noriter is their tea cups. Need I say more?

* * * *

Dusit Thani
Sunday Family Crossover Brunch Buffet

            We celebrated Father’s Day at Dusit Thani’s Sunday Family Crossover Brunch Buffet and it was awesome! From the name itself, it’s a crossover among the specialty restaurants of Dusit Thani: Benjarong, Umu and Tosca + the Buffet Restaurant, Basix.

            Benjarong was my favorite of all—and I think I’ll be coming back here soon. For me, this Thai restaurant is the best Thai in Manila.

            Their Pad Thai is also the best I’ve had so far! You can see the chef cook your Pad Thai upon ordering.

*  *  *  * 


            The day after our Board Exam, my friends and I decided to have a simple dinner at Xocolat in Katipunan. It was a quaint shop, adorned with antique furniture and trinkets of the past.

            Given that the restaurant is a chocolate haven, I still didn’t prepare myself for the array of Chocolate desserts and drinks they have. It took us quite some time to figure out what to order for dinner AND dessert.

We ended up having the Hungarian Sausage Panini, Xocolat Chicken Pasta, 3 Chocolate drinks and 3 slices of cakes.

**Pictures c/o Miss D and Mistah Lu.:)

* * * * *

Ya Kun Kaya

            The last couple of weeks, I have this weird preference for Singaporean food. Whether it’s Horlicks drink or Rose Milk drink at Toast Box, Spicy Indian food or Bee Cheng Hiang’s Bakkwa (similar to jerky), nothing still beats the conventional Kaya Toast, Soft Boiled Egg and Milk Tea.

            And if it’s Kaya toast, then it’s got to be at Ya Kun Kaya. It’s a simple yet perfect way to start your morning, right?
* * * * *


            I am addicted to milk tea. Since my first post about milk tea (which you can read here), there’s been a horde of new shops sprouting like mushroom everywhere! And a favorite among the newly opened shops is Chatime.

            Chatime is relatively similar to Happy Lemon but I think, Chatime has wider selection of teas. Kumquat Green Tea, Taiwan Alishan JinShyuan Tea, Chrysanthemum, Hawaii Fruit Tea are just a few of their signature drinks.

            Plus, if other shops have a Sugar Option where you can request for 0 to 100% sugar, Chatime also has an additional Ice Options. So if you’re really thirsty on a hot day, be sure to get 110% Extra Ice.

* * * * *

Pan de Amerikana

            Pan de Amerikana stores never fail to amaze me. If Pan de Amerikana in Loyola makes your world upside down, then Pan de Amerikana in Marikina takes you back in time—in a land where only fairy tales come true.

            Now that sounds a bit exaggerated but hey, it’s the only place in Manila where you can play human chess! Or dine wherein it feels like eating in a murky forest, with vines hanging above your head. And let’s not forget about the windmill.

            If you get hungry creating this fairy tale story in your head, then just take a bite into their humongous pandesal bread. Only at Pan de Amerikana can your P6.00 take you this further.

* * * * *

 Here’s good news to everyone.

            Because I passed the Board Exam, I’m giving away Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates as a thanksgiving treat to everyone.:)

3 bars in assorted flavors of Theo & Philo Chocolates will be given away to 3 people. So be sure to check my upcoming posts for more details.

            Here’s a peek at Theo & Philo’s Chocolates:

** Picture is taken from their website.

: )

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  1. Look at that heap of... is that cream or ice cream? on that big chunk of bread.

    Congratulations by the way for passing the board exams :)

  2. That's cream with a generous amount of cinnamon powder and caramel syrup.:) And if I'm not mistaken, the cream is homemade because it doesn't feel heavy at all.:)

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  4. Try visiting Spartea in Marikina. It's a unique bubble tea place because it has a spa too! :)

    Here's their page: www.facebook.com/spartea

  5. I so love the tea cup tooo!!! I have once crossed the Dusit Thani hotel and they are very expensive... 0_0