April 26, 2011

Strawberry Charlotte of Sweet Bella

I had to obliterate from mind the depressing thought of eating such stunning cake creation. I had to be no one but myself, sense of taste over sense of sight. It was a feast for the tummy as it was a feast for the eyes.

Strawberry Charlotte - P1,600
(photo courtesy of Sweet Bella)

Just the name Charlotte alone was charming to hear. What more if side-by-side to it, “Best Dessert for 2009" by the Philippine Daily Inquirer is placed? It was impressive and grandeur in appearance, crowned with strawberries in full magnificence, and accented with chocolate butterflies. This has to be something, I thought to myself. 

Messy? This substantiates how it's a favorite by plenty. After tens of boxes of Strawberry Charlotte, it still is a sellout.

As I took a spoonful, I fell from grace. It was neither a falter nor a stumble, it was a free fall. The cashew crust added a decisive moment of crunch contrast to the layers’ sophistication. While it has yet to be proven that there is no better counterpart for strawberries than cream, the cloud of Chantilly cream was as if a heaven’s dream and the strawberries were sheer excellence. It was as if it’s freshly harvested from a much-loved farm in California. Beyond its considerable growth and striking colour, ripened strawberries are the epitome of luxuriant decadence, luscious and most succulent. Strawberry Charlotte was a battle of intensities, yet at one fell swoop, a magnum opus of subtlety. It was a novel twist, indeed.

California strawberries

These are Sweet Bella's other decadent offerings:

their version of Banana creme pie

banana mousse layered with milk chocolate mousse

Chocolata, a second favorite :)
moist chocolate cake layered with rich ganache topped with chocolate glass

layers of coffee mousse, dark chocolate mousse and white choco mousse blended together for perfection

I therefore bring to a close that flavours can always be created in a surprisingly beautiful way, the Sweet Bella way.

I am most appreciative to Lori Baltazar for presenting us life sweetests during the DCF’s 6th Anniversary Party. Again, thank you.

Post and photos (except for the cover photo) were respectively written and taken by Hannah B. Reyno, the beautiful sister of Yay Reyno who is as busy as a bee reviewing at the moment. Any objections, clarifications, requests for informations, etc. must be addressed accordingly and calmly. Hahaha :)

Sweet Bella Cafe
Burgos Circle, Rizal Drive, 
Global City, Taguig 1200
8440680 & 8449905


  1. Wow, those look yummy (and expensive)! :D

  2. Delectable, luscious and classy sweets!!! Wow how I wish I have lotsa money to afford these... DELISH!!!

    Lette's Haven

  3. I also do wish I have lotsa money! Hahaha. So i can stock up my fridge every week of these delectable desserts!