April 23, 2011

Katre Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine

          Sitting in judgment with regard to delectable quality, imaginative preparation, unsurpassed customer service at a low price, Katre is one excellent fusion restaurant.

          Just how would one respond by hearing Mediterranean cuisine? A scratch in the head perchance is for the most part probable. This is for the reason that the cuisine has not garnered proper attention, consideration even. Pose a question to a random Pinoy and confidently anticipate an answer of falafel, hummus, shawarma and kebab. Truly, a letdown feeling it is when the cuisine has much than that to offer, plus it's ought to be thought of alongside classic favorites like Italian, Japanese etc. There is more than enough richness in flavour and benefits to optimal health to justify the cuisine's existence.

          Katre is a semi-fine dining restaurant. Its approach is innovative, combining Mediterranean culinary traditions and elements to another. The person who masterminded this restaurant that serves one of the best value gastronomic experiences is the Roxs Cailao, a member of the American Culinary Federation, formerly the executive chef of the Marriot Hotel in New York, the Sheraton Hotel in Virginia, and the Renaissance Hotel in Washington D.C. 

          Interior works were stripped down to its most fundamental features of white tablecloths wooden chairs and a not so upmarket eating utensils. All was looking simple, yet cozy and elegant.

Greek Salad - P195.00
          When thinking of Greek salad we always make at home, I feel summer bursting in my mouth. On the other hand, Katre's version with feta, tomato, cucumber, capers, olives, served with olive oil and lime honey mustard was passable, no totally thrilling summer feeling. It lacked a kick, but it was a healthful plate in generous portion, so it's all good.

Bay Shrimps Gambas - P285.00
          Together with garlic, capers, peppers and cilantro, bay shrimps were sauteed in olive oil. Dish was served with Bolgi Toast Points which I say is a terrific accompaniment. Sauce was extra flavorful! I was spooning till it was wiped clean.

Grilled Lemon Scented Chicken Breast - P295.00
          It was charmingly presented and beautifully done like everything else in the menu, add to it its own gustatory appeal. It was a little dry, but definitely tangy and tender with a nice crunch. It had mashed potato, and was served with garlic, lemon, cumin, basil and also with mushroom.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillet- P395.00
          The fillet was cooked with sherry, soya and sesame, then topped with ginger, garlic, scallion, cilantro with steamed mussels and chermoula. While others use it as stuffing or sauce, chermoula is this incredibly tasting marinade for fish used popularly in Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian cooking. The fillet looked it had firm flesh like it was just pulled from the water, but it was steamed to the perfect amount of time, making it very soft, tender and infused with great flavors.

Navarin of Lamb with Couscous Pilaf - P395.00
          I'm a huge lamb person, it had this distinct taste and I know that I just had to have this dish. It's a traditional hearty French stew flavored with bell peppers and spices atop tine grain-like pasta. The Moroccan spices made the dish tantalizingly aromatic, and it did develop unmistakable flavor and character to the meat, which by the way was succulent and meltingly tender. Exceptional, this one is! 

          Try Katre, it always has my perfect score in fusion dining.

Katre Mediterranean Restaurant, Quezon City
103 Dr. Lascano St., Brgy. Laging Handa
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 373-4705

Post was written by Hannah B. Reyno, the beautiful sister of Yay Reyno who is as busy as a bee reviewing at the moment. Any objections, clarifications, requests for informations, etc. must be addressed accordingly and calmly. Hahaha :)  

Photos were taken by both Yay and Hannah.

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