December 27, 2010

Serendra’s Cacao

            Christmas is synonymous with desserts and I find myself wishing for a good batch of chocolates.

Initially, I was planning to buy Sachi Nama from Heavenly Chocolates or Royce’s Nama Chocolates but I haven’t had the time to drop by their stores. That’s when I found Cacao in Serendra, and I thought that this could just be the answer to my cravings.

As you enter Cacao, there’s only a slight scent of chocolates. For a chocolate shop, I thought it’s a little bit weird. I’ve been to a looot of chocolate shops, especially in the States and I always get this overwhelming aroma of chocolates that makes me want to buy everything they have.

Anyway, I discarded the lack in aroma. Cacao’s chocolates are priced at 29.90 per 10 grams of Chocolates and 35.50 per 10 grams of Sugarfree Chocolates.

The good thing about Cacao is they have a wide array of Sugarfree chocolates. It’s a perfect gift for people who are weight conscious and to those who have diabetes.

I bought 9 sugarfree chocolates to take home and 1 Purus, dark chocolate praline with hazelnut crème filling, for P600. Reasonable price for chocolates, that is, if my expectations are met.

- Fortuna: White Chocolate with Hazelnut Filling.
- Athena: Dark Chcolate with Almond Praline.
- Ariadne: Milk Chocolate with Coffee Cream
- Venus: Dark Chocolate with Blueberry Ganache.
- Milk Chocolate with Vanilla Butter Cream
- Toffee
- Dark Chocolate Caramel.
- Milk Chocolate Amaretto
- Milk Chocolate with Vanilla Caramel

            The Purus is good. It melts in your mouth and is creamy. For the Sugarfree chocolates, Fortuna, Toffee and Athena are also good. Though these 4 chocolates are good, there’s nothing special in them.

            While for the others, the chocolate is a little grainy and it doesn’t easily melt in your mouth. Like it’s been stored there for a while. Big disappointment. My cousin brought me a Cadbury and her Cadbury tastes even better. Come to think of it, how can I even compare both when Belgian truffles are supposed to be better than commercialized chocolates?

            I’m not a connoisseur of chocolates but I know good chocolate when I’ve tasted one. Cacao probably has good chocolates but freshness is not maintained pretty well. They can definitely improve more on this.

            Cacao is located in:
- Serendra Piazza, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
- 2nd Floor, Bridgeway, SM Megamall Building A, Mandaluyong City
- 2nd Floor, Annex Building, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City.

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