December 13, 2010

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

            A wintry twist to one of the all-time Filipino favorites, the frozen Brazo de Mercedes.

            Brazo de Mercedes is almost always present in parties I go to during the Christmas season. The light meringue and sweet and creamy custard filling are addicting enough. What more if you add ice cream!

            The first frozen Brazo I’ve heard started way back 2006 but recently, there’s an increase in bakers selling this stuff. The Parvati Store in Trinoma which promotes the bestseller goodies of the different bakers in the country made home-baked goodies easily accessible to the buyers.

            Parvati sells Fiona’s Frozen Brazo, Half for P220. It is packed in a white plastic container with a red ribbon—all ready to give as a gift.

            The frozen Brazo is layered like a ref cake, the meringue on top, custard filling, ice cream (which varies, in this case, mango ice cream) and the graham crust.

            Fiona’s Brazo’s overall sweetness level is just right. The custard, the sweetest part of the Brazo, fills only a thin layer on the dessert while the ice cream adds the missing depth in sweetness.

            All of us who tried the frozen Brazo de Mercedes loved it. This is a wonderful Christmas gift to your loved ones. Next time you visit Trinoma, drop by at Parvati Store, located at Mindanao Lobby. It’s below National Bookstore.

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  2. Now this is desserts I would indulge myself in anytime of the year! So sophisticatedly festive looking and the layers of flavors that probably are just making love with ones taste buds! Thank you for sharing Yay^_^

  3. looks yummy! i'm already considering it as a christmas gift, hope there's some when i plan to drop by,...

    btw, i think the custaroons are also available at parvati store :)

  4. Yeah, I saw Gigi's Custaroons at Parvati awhile ago. But I was there around 6, and a lot of their pastries are already sold out. tsk tsk. I was hoping to take home some green tea and dark choco custaroons. Owell, maybe next time.:)

  5. I just love the new Frozen Mango Brazo de Mercedes of Parvati. It's really awesome!