November 3, 2010

Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles vs Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodles

                Lately, we’ve been trying out a lot of hand-pulled noodles in town. 2 of the most visited restaurants offering it are Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles in Retiro, Quezon City and Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodles in Little Baguio, San Juan.

                Hand-Pulled Noodles are a piece of dough repeatedly stretched and folded onto it then rolled out to a workable thickness and cut into workable portions. This dough is then pulled to about an arm span’s length. The puller then makes a loop with the dough, joining the two ends into one clump of dough and inserts his fingers into the loop to keep the strand from sticking. This process is repeated several times until the desired thickness and quantity is achieved. (Wikipedia)

Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles

                It’s a small restaurant in Retiro. With its unpretentious guise, you wouldn’t even mind trying it but be surprised with how much they put pride into their hand-pulled noodles, especially their dry noodles.

    Dry noodles in reality is not dry but characterized by a small amount of soup compared to an ordinary noodle.

                Special Dry Beef Noodles

                The beef is tender and the soup is really tasty, though a little bit salty for my taste. Nevertheless, I'll never hesitate to order this one next time.
    Dry Lamb Dumpling Noodles

                The wrapper is a little bit thick or perhaps the filling is not enough to savor the dumpling but nevertheless, the lamb is still good.

                The restaurant is offering a generous serving for their cheap price, P90 for regular orders and P120 for large. A regular order is enough to satisfy your hunger.

                Shanghai Hand Pulled Noodles is at 411 Amoranto Street (for. Retiro), Barangay Maharlika, Quezon City.

Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodles

                This restaurant is located in Little Baguio and is bigger and has a wider range of menu than Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles.

                Noodles at Beijing only come in one size. When our orders were served, the first thing we noticed is that Beijing’s has bigger portions of toppings in them.

                For starters, we ordered Vegetarian Dumpling

                and Fried Siopao.

                Lamb Soup Noodles. My sister complained that the lamb lacks in its usual taste and that the broth is a bit sour.

                Dry Vegetarian Noodles

                Braised Beef Noodles

                The Pork Pata Noodles is new on the menu. My brother loved this one.

                Noodles range from P130 to P175 except for Vegetarian Noodles at P95.

                Check out Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodles at 8001 Jose Abad Santos Street, Little Baguio, San Juan.

Who won?

                Both restaurants have their own Pros.

                For Shanghai, you can choose from regular or large order which is convenient especially to people who are not used to eating heavy meals. Second, we liked Shanghai’s broth because of its full meaty flavor. Third, the meat toppings are more succulent. Last, cheaper than Beijing’s.

                For Beijing, the atmosphere is better. Second, they offer a wider range in menu than Shanghai’s. Last, the bigger portions of toppings on every noodle dish.

                Both restaurants have good quality noodles. And I can’t say which is best for it’s only been a short while since we had this Hand-Pulled Noodle hunt.  However from the 2 restaurants, I’ll go for Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles.

P.S. I still have to try Lan Zhou La Mien in Binondo, which a lot of people say is the best in town.

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  1. That all looks so delicious!! I am very jealous... I love you site, very tasty :)

  2. We haven't had authentic Chinese food for a long time. Your photos make me want to try them really soon. I especially would love to try Pork Pata Noodles. :)

  3. i love MEYLIN Handpulled Noodles naman! :)

  4. Cookiespink. I will try that as soon as I can. Meylin's location is at MOA, right? Thanks for the comment.

  5. why don't you try shanghai hand pulled noodles now there are lots of variety in the menu i really like it beijing hand pulled noodle is closed na