November 4, 2010

Seoul Barbecue

Traversing C-5 in slow traffic has its advantages. One is you get to see all the restaurants you happen to just pass by before. Just then, one of my friends suggested we have dinner at Seoul Barbecue. Since we don’t have any concrete plans for dinner, we immediately said yes.

                Seoul Barbecue’s interior is a little bit shabby but what I’m interested is the food. Good thing the food is pleasing not only to the eyes but also to the taste buds.

                Browsing the menu took us a while maybe because I find it more expensive than Korean Village in Malate and we were also debating if we’ll get a set menu or just order our own meal. We end up ordering our own.

                As soon as we gave the orders, the appetizers were brought to our table. The kimchi and the tofu are good but the large bean sprouts are dry and tough.

                Next is Fried Mandu or fried dumplings. It’s not similar to the fried dumplings I’m used to. Mandu is richer in flavor and in texture. The only problem is it’s too oily but still worth a try.

                Pork Kalbi Gui or grilled pork short ribs. This one doesn’t taste like pork at all. More like beef. Tender and full of flavor but I would have liked it more if it was cooked medium rare.

                Last is Yuk Hae Bibim Bap. Rice with shredded cabbage, sesame leaves, lettuce and carrot topped with marinated raw beef and raw egg yolk. Although I’ve tasted better, Seoul BBQ’s bibim bap is still excellent.

                Dessert fail—that’s because we’re too full. We wanted to buy Melona and Binggrae Samanco, the red bean fish ice cream sandwich.

                Overall, Seoul Barbecue is a good Korean Restaurant but for me, Korean Village Restaurant in Malate is still my choice to go. It’s cheaper and has a friendlier staff. Not to mention the great food they’re serving!

                Visit Seoul Barbecue at Block 13, Lot 20, E Rodriguez Jr. Ave (C-5), Libis, Quezon City. It’s just in front of Eastwood’s entrance.

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