November 16, 2010

Pamana Restaurant

A view of Taal Lake from the roof deck.

                Tagaytay is one of the best weekend spots near Manila. A couple of hours ride and you get to experience the refreshingly cool air and the great view of the smallest volcano in the world. Not only is the ambiance perfect, but also Tagaytay is a haven of good food.

                Antonio’s Restaurant, Sonya’s Garden, Manos Greek Taverna, CafĂ© Verbena, Bag of Beans are just a few of the famous restaurants found in Tagaytay. Another addition to the growing list of good restaurants to try is Pamana Restaurant.

                Pamana Restaurant is owned by Happy Ongpauco of the Barrio Fiesta Chain. The restaurant and the food are both nostalgic that it reminds you of Grandpa’s stories and old-school tales and Grandma’s cooking.

                The interior of Pamana is filled with memorabilias from the past. Posters, magazine covers, pictures, record labels all from 2 or more decades ago. Almost all of the furniture are antiques and every nook and cranny is decorated with old furniture like the iron board, sewing machine, lamps, rocking horse chair, etc.

                Even the entire wall on the stairs is filled with old pictures in assorted antique frames.

                We decided to sit in the second floor for the air is much cooler and the view is better.

                Seeing as we’re in Tagaytay, we ordered the famous Nilagang Bulalo, The specialty of Mang Bert who has been the chief cook of our family for 40 years now, as the menu says.

                The presentation is remarkable especially the big bone in the bowl as the focus. Although the bone has no marrow in it, the soup of the Bulalo is still full of flavor.

Pampanga’s Sizzling Sisig at Aligue: If you loved this sisig along pampanga's 'riles', you haven't tried this one yet. Served sizzling hot with tostadang aligue! A Kapampangan favorite of Nanay Rosita.

                The sisig is delicious. The aligue gave a certain depth to the sisig that is normally that of mayonnaise to other recipes of sisig. This dish is recommended but be careful with the cholesterol.

Sizzling Balot ala Pobresita: A new way of serving this pinoy delicacy. Thanks to my friend, Ched Banusing.

                A Filipino exotic food with a twist. Spicy and appetizing. The duck embryo was discarded and so is the juice. I hope they serve the juice on the side though.

The Best Kare-Kare, served the original way.

                I’ve tasted real peanuts but the soup of the Kare-Kare is too thick. It’s like eating a soupy gelatin. But the bagoong is really good.

Dagupan’s Tyan ng Bangus sa Tostadang Bawang: Auntie Baby's favorite. Tender, juicy Bonuan Bangus from Dagupan cooked in tons of garlic.

                The Bangus is really good and they serve it with lots of toasted garlic which is a plus. This is recommended.

Tsokolate ah de Batirol at Tostadang Ensaymada: Auntie Tetet's homemade Ensaymada with fresh baterol from Batangas. Warms us up after Simbang Gabi every Christmas

                This is one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever tasted. Although we Filipinos are accustomed to Spanish-style hot chocolate which is thick [and which I usually prefer], Pamana’s version of Batangas’ thin chocolate is really good. This is an exception. Add it with the toasted ensaymada and you’ll probably wish that you were still a child.

Crispy Turon, Ube at Sorbetes

                Beverages we ordered are Gulaman at Sago and the Mint Iced Tea.

                We really enjoyed the food at Pamana but when we got our bill, we got very disappointed with the price of the rice. Plain rice cooked, good for 2, is priced at P110. That is just too expensive.

                Visiting Pamana Restaurant is like traveling back to 2 decades ago. The ambiance and the good food gives you the feeling like you’re experiencing once again the most precious moments you have with your grandparents.

                Pamana Restaurant is located at Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City. Just a few meters after the rotunda.

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  1. That looks sooooo beautiful! :-)


  2. Tagaytay is definitely a good place to go for an amazing day trip for foodists from the Metro. It's a fave place to spend the day.

  3. I totally agree with you. Tagaytay is really a foodie destination. Just a few hours from the Metro and they offer lots of great food and organic stuffs.:)

  4. This restaurant looks really amazing in every aspect, its interior and the portraits on the wall are mind-blowing. I think its food is also as delicious as it is looking.