November 15, 2010

Le Petit Artisan

                It was early evening in Serendra when my friends and I craved for a sweet snack. We always go to Sonja’s Cupcakes whenever we’re at the BGC area so for a change, we stopped by at Le Petit Artisan.

                Le Petit Artisan or ‘the little craftsman’ in English is a shop located in the front corner of Serendra. Most often than not, you’ll overlook the store because of its simple fa├žade but when you chance a second glance, you find the store alluring and compelling. As you enter the store, you can’t help but think that perhaps, this is one of the few authentic French bakeries in town.

                Dessert is what we came for so we headed straight for the cakes. The first thing that caught my eye was the Cashew Butternut. The whole cake is topped with almost 2 inches of nuts, mainly of cashews.

                I adore cashews and walnuts. This must feel like heaven, right? But.. The nuts are covered in caramel so they’re not as crisp and the whole slice is tiring to eat. The cake is delicious but I think a slice of Cashew Butternut is made for sharing.

                Given that we have a cake, we decided to get our second piece to be a not-too-sweet dessert, hence, the Bread and Butter Pudding.

                The sweetness is just the right level and the texture is good but it’s a little dry.

                Charcoal Bread and Green Tea Bread are also impressive so we bought some to take home.

                Even if it’s early evening, I can still say that Le Petit Artisan offers good bread for a reasonable price. I’ll have to visit them in the morning next time to get the freshly baked bread, and only then can I say if Le Petit Artisan offers the best French bread in town.

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  1. I did try them a second time, around the afternoon, and some of their bread are disappointing, but some are promising.:)