November 11, 2010

Introduction to Tea

"Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth"
-Alexander Puskin

2010 made me appreciate all things about tea.

Before, I was addicted to coffee. I still love coffee but I hate more the side effects which is bloating and insomnia. That’s when I search for a healthier addiction, thus, TEA.

Loose-Leaf Tea
Tea is an aromatic beverage made from the infusion of certain dried processed leaves. There are many types of Tea but the 4 major types are White, Black, Green and Oolong. Other varieties include Red, Yellow, Herbal Infusions and more.

 Loose-leaf and Tea bags are the 2 kinds of how tea is served. The difference between the two is that loose-leaf teas are made up of whole leaves or broken leaves while tea bags are filled with tiny shredded pieces known as fannings or dust. Personally, I find loose-leaf more fulfilling because it is very aromatic and offers a fuller flavor tea.

Types of Tea:

White Tea
A combination of White Ayurvedic Chai and Samurai Chai Mate
          White Tea has the highest in anti-oxidants and lowest in caffeine. Researches also say that this tea may inhibit the growth of certain cancer.

Green Tea
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls (Also one of my favorites. Very aromatic)
Rich in antioxidants, Green Tea lovers also experience having lower cholesterol and a regulated blood sugar level.

Oolong Tea
Iron Goddess or Tie Guanyin Oolong from Taiwan
Formosa or High Mountain Oolong from Taiwan.
A relaxing tea that is reputed to be good for skin and teeth. It is also famous for enhancing your metabolism and for weight loss. The best Oolongs are found in the mountains of Taiwan.

Black Tea
Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka
Black tea is a gentle stimulant. Helps in lowering cholesterol level and is good for the heart.

Rooibos or Red Tea
Rooibos Tropica. My favorite.
Rooibos Tea is high in vitamins and minerals and is believed to improve digestion. Helps with allergies and it also contains higher antioxidants than green tea and is low in caffeine.

In a recently conducted research, Rooibos is said to be beneficial in treating skin problems like acne and wrinkles.

Herbal Infusions
Peppermint Tea
Herbal infusions are usually high in vitamin C and is naturally caffeine-free. The benefits of Herbal Infusions vary depending on what herbs and leaves are used. In this case, Peppermint Tea is known to ward off colds and is also used to ease problems like headache, nausea and diarrhea. 

Egyptian Chamomile
Meanwhile, Chamomile is known for its calming effect. Tea lovers usually drink Chamomile Teas at night for a good night's rest.

                The different types of tea have different advantages but the common benefits of all are that tea are high in antioxidants. Most teas also fight certain cancers and studies show that people who drink 4 cups of tea per day are seen to live longer.

                The bland taste of the common green tea available in the country may hinder Filipinos in drinking tea. Also the lack of tea shops is a problem for there are only a few varieties of tea available in supermarkets. Luckily, tea in the country is starting to flourish due to the current milk tea craze and the hundreds of Filipino-blend herbal teas coming out. Hopefully, the art of tea drinking will be more recognized in the years to come.

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  1. hi! i came across your blog when i googled oolong tea. Just wanna ask where you buy your oolong tea leaves? btw, i'm also a milk tea addict. serenitea is my current fave, also because it's the only one near to me, the ATC branch. But I would love to try that Moonleaf shop. Thanks.

  2. Hi Trixie. I bought my oolong leaves in Taipei while the other teas, i bought in the US. But Kozui in Tomas Morato is selling oolong and other teas too. So do check them out. Or you can buy premium teas at Da.u.De. Here's the site: