October 9, 2010

Nasi Lemak

                30 minutes before lunch break and I’m really hungry. Just then my screensaver changed to Lau Pa Sat, one of Singapore’s famous hawker centers. Subconsciously, my mind drifted to the last time I went to Singapore. Daydreaming of all the food, specially the Chili Crab and the Oatmeal Prawns from Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, I found myself searching for the best Singaporean Restaurant in Manila. Hence, Nasi Lemak!

                With 20 years of research, Nasi Lemak offers the best of Singaporean cuisine as well as Malaysian and Chinese dishes. The good thing about this restaurant is that ingredients are imported from Singapore giving its authenticity and guaranteed no MSG.

There are a lot of dishes on their menu that it's impossible to just stick with one favorite. So might as well prepare your tummy by ordering something light like this Hot and Sour Soup.

A Singaporean food trip won't be complete if you're not to order their landmark food: Hainanese Chicken Rice. This specialty comes with 3 sauces: chili, ginger and premium soy sauce. Just dip the tender chicken in the savory sauces and munch it with their flavorful rice.

Next is the Pork Spareribs which is really tasty and tender, the fall-off-the-bone type.

Oatmeal Prawns is next on the list. It’s not on par with Jumbo Seafood’s version but nonetheless, it’s still worth trying.

Last but not the least is Singapore’s Famous Chili Crab with 2 Mantou breads. Delicious and nostalgic, Nasi Lemak’s Chili Crab is really an experience of Singapore itself. The spiciness of the chili sauce is really addicting. I don’t mind getting messy for it is truly a finger-licking good dish.

They also serve specialty drinks like Malaysian Coffee, Ginger Tea with Honey, Teh Tarek and Iced Bandung.

Teh Tarek or milk tea is made from black tea and condensed milk poured back and forth to obtain the frothy top. It can be served hot or cold. Nasi Lemak’s Teh Tarek is one of the best I’ve tasted in the country. Not too sweet and not too milky, just the way I like it.

Iced Bandung is another drink I always see in Singapore’s Kopi Tiam stalls. It is of milk, sugar and rose syrup, which gives its pink color and unique fragrance. Personally, I find Iced Bandung a combination of dessert and a beverage because it's sweet and refreshing at the same time.

All in all, my Singaporean craving was scrumptious. All thanks to Nasi Lemak, for bringing Singapore closer to the hearts—or should I say, to the appetite of the Filipinos. I can't wait to visit their restaurant again to try the famous Malaysian Satay, Laksa, Fish Head Curry and the Lava Cake.

Visit Nasi Lemak at 2F East Wing of Robinsons Galleria, near Krispy Kreme and Mangan.

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