October 6, 2010


Cerchio is the new restaurant of the owners of Café Romulo in Quezon City. So if you’ve tried Café Romulo and loved it, then you will love Cerchio more.

Upscale and chic, it’s like a gem in Scout Limbaga. For a first glance, it is intimidating for people with budget constraints but fear not, Cerchio is as good in the stomach as in the pocket.

Parking near Tomas Morato is ever so limited so one of the best first things at Cerchio is its valet parking—for FREE. Interior of Cerchio is of white, black and gray and with a thematic design of circles. After all, cerchio is the Italian term for circle.

Filipino food with a sophisticated twist is what Cerchio is about. You’ll never go wrong with any order and a plus is that they have a generous serving. Almost all of their appetizers are even bigger in quantity than the main dishes.

So start your meal with their light appetizers like Nachos with chili con carne, cheese and tomato salsa,

Calamares Fritos,

Or Grilled Sausage Platter.

But if you want a healthier starter, order their Grilled Shrimp with Pomelo Salad. The grilled shrimp is really superb but eat it fast or the pomelo will get bitter in a while.

For their weighty appetizers, try their Mixed Chicken Wings. You can choose from Butter, Hot, Hickory BBQ and Teriyaki.

Or try their Peking Style Chicken Tortilla Wrap. I love the mango and chicken combination. It comes with 7-8 wraps.

Pork Sisig is Cerchio’s bestseller. It comes in 3 cylindrical portions and topped with a sunny side-up quail egg. Still good for sharing.

Cerchio also serves Pizza. Their bestseller is the Sisig Pizza but since we ordered the Pork Sisig already, we decided to get the Mediterranean Pizza.

Bbq Chicken served with Java Rice.

                For dessert, we tried their Bailey's Panna Cotta. Nice presentation.

If you’re at Cerchio on lunch, try their Buko Shake. Their shake is more of buko juice than sugar, so it’s really good. It reminds us of the best buko shake we had in Puerto Prinsesa. 

                Another refreshingly good is their signature drink, Cool as a Cucumber.

But if you’re visiting at night, then it’s just right to order their alcoholic beverages. Personally, I prefer Cerchio’s alcoholic drinks than Café Romulo because they give more spike to it. Frozen Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Sling.

No matter how full you are, you’ll still think of the next time you’ll be back at Cerchio to try the other dishes. As I’ve said, you can’t go wrong with any order. Everything is that good.

Cerchio brings class to Filipino food.

Visit them at 76 Scout Limbaga, Quezon City, near the intersection of Tomas Morato and Scout Limbaga.  On weekends, don't forget to call for a reservation. Contact them at 355-0998. 

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  1. Being a chicken recipe, so I read this recipe with interest. The Chicken Tortilla Wrap looks wonderful and I will definitely have to try it.