September 23, 2010

Salcedo Saturday Market

     There are times when you want to make a simple get together into a special one—but the problem is you’ll need special ingredients. For example, a simple vanilla ice cream can be special with the use of vanilla beans instead of vanilla flavoring. Or you wanted to serve something really nice like Wagyu, Angus Steak and Aussie Meat Pie. If you have vegetarian or health-buff friends, you’d want to impress them by preparing an organic set of meal.

     The question is where to get all these ingredients.
     The answer is Salcedo Saturday Market.

     Every Saturday, the Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village is turned into a market of good treats. You’ll find fresh produce and cooked goods, local and international food and beverages and even plants, flowers and potteries.
     Here are some of the things you’ll find at Salcedo Saturday Market.

Fresh Produce
     You’ll find a great deal of fresh produce in the area and almost all the produce is organic. The usual vegetables can be found as well as herbs like Tarragon, Basil, Thai Basil, Rosemary and Thyme. 

     There’s also a wide variety of fruits in the Market. The usual tropical fruits are present but you’ll be surprised to find cherries, apricots, California oranges and dragonfruits.

Meat and Seafood
     A variety of good steaks are there: Wagyu, Angus, Aged and Seasoned Rib Eye and Prime Rib. The Seafood available is even better. They have Norwegian salmon, lobster’s, mantis shrimp, crab and fishes.

Dried Herbs and Hard to Find Goodies
     There’s a store selling a wide variety of herbs and tea.

     The special goods in the market are Himalayan Salt, Vanilla Bean, Lavender, Matcha, Duck Liver, Acai Berry and Kefir.

Local Food
     Everybody’s CafĂ© from Pampanga, Danggit from Palawan, Connie’s Kitchen, Pritchon, Kesong Puti and many more. Barbecue stalls, Cebu Lechon and Pritchon. Home made Pinoy Sorbets are a classic with 2 available flavors: Buco Lychees Sherbet and Buco Mais Sherbet.

International Food
     Asian Food I’ve seen in the Market includes Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai Food. Lots of good-looking desserts--walnut cake, pies, cakes. 

     French Cuisine is also available and the French crepe flambee is a must try.

     Turkish food like Baklava and Borek, Italian pasta and Spanish Paella and Paella Negra can also be found there.

     Herb plants, orchids, flowers, garden plants, pans and pots are also available.

     Do shop in Salcedo Market. You’ll definitely spend your money on good food. One round in the market is like a dream-like taste of world cuisine. An extraordinary one-stop food shop.

     You can find Jaime Velasquez Park between Tordesillas and Leviste Streets in Salcedo Village, Makati City.

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