September 20, 2010

Elfav's Alcoholic Ice Cream.

If you love ice cream, alcohol and other weird earthly flavors, then Elfav Ice Creamery is your place to be. Located in Pergola Mall at BF Homes Paranaque, is a quaint ice cream shop which serves Beer, Tequila Rose, Bailey’s, Wasabi, Yakult, Bacon and Cheese, Malunggay, Turones de Kasoy flavored ice cream and a lot more.

Alcohol ice creams! First to try is the Beer. Surprisingly, it tastes like beer. As it’s an ice cream, it’s sweet and with nuts all over. There’s no hint of the beer’s bitterness but the taste is definitely beer. Next up is Tequila Rose. There’s not much of a tequila rose in it because mostly it taste like Strawberry Ice Cream. Last is Bailey’s. Bailey’s is Bailey’s, creamy goodness!

The only problem is that the ice cream is soft and melts easily.  We had the Beer and Tequila in cone and the Bailey’s in cup, as suggested by the waiter. Before we can savor the taste itself, the ice cream melts and trickles all over your hand. Quite messy and sticky if you’re not accustomed to eating ice cream quickly.


Take note, Elfav's ice cream with alcohol content is only served to 18 years old and above. Be sure to bring your I.D. if you don't look old enough.

Elfav Ice Creamery is located at 2nd Floor of Pergola Mall at Aguirre Avenue corner Elsie Gaches Street, Phase 1, BF Homes Paranaque City.

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