September 21, 2010

Chicken Charlie

You think you know chicken? Then you haven’t met Chicken Charlie yet.

Chicken Charlie gives a new twist to chicken with their double-frying technique called Bonchon. Bonchon Chicken is founded in South Korea and with branches sprouting in New York. This double frying technique makes the chicken crunchier and less greasy—and of course, without that thick batter of flour that is just overly gross and oily.

What’s even better is that Chicken Charlie has 0 grams transfat and because of the double frying technique, the fat in the chicken is drained in the oil. Bonchon Chicken is dubbed as the healthy fried chicken.

The first branch is located at Banawe Street corner Amoranto Street, Quezon City. The store can only accommodate a few people, probably around 15 to 20. Upon entering, you’ll see posters of their chicken and hints on how they cooked it.

At Chicken Charlie, you’re not only ordering healthy food but also affordable chicken. Value meal is at P59 with Chicken and Rice. Or if you just want to get the chicken, 4 wings is at P99. But if you’re buying pasalubong, the most that you can order is 4 drumsticks+4wings at P288.

Unlike other fastfood chains, Chicken Charlie cooks their chicken upon order so you’re sure to get the best fried chicken they have. Waiting time for your order is around 15 minutes. Order it with a bottle of Sarsapilla at P90 and you’ll find chicken happiness like no other.

Just a tip, visit them at off hours, like 11am or 2:30 until 4pm so you’ll be ensured of seats.

Check out their website at and be warned just how highly addictive their chicken is.:)

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  1. I dropped by on my way home from work, ordered 8 wings and brought it home for dinner. My parents, brother and aunt loved it! I think I didn't bring enough home...(naubos kaagad :s) Thanks, Yay!